Verizon Foundation Awards $10,000 Grant to NSCC


l-r: Patricia Gentile, NSCC President, Susan Curry, Director, Early College Partnerships, NSCC, Lissette Orellana, NSCC Business Administration Transfer Degree Student and Early College @ LPS participant, Stephanie Lee, Verizon regional director of government affairs, and Jill Thornton, Assistant Dean of Strategic Partnerships, NSCC.

The Verizon Foundation has awarded a $10,000 grant to the North Shore Community College (NSCC) Foundation in support of Early College at Lynn Public Schools. This generous grant opens the door to higher education and viable future careers for Lynn public high school students.

This grant award supports NSCC’s Early College Information Technology (IT) Pathway programming, and IT and audio/visual equipment to help outfit a classroom in the new wing of the Lynn Campus McGee building.  The grant will also fund two $1,000 ‘Verizon Foundation’ scholarships for students from Lynn matriculating to NSCC from high school who have completed courses in the NSCC Early College @ LPS Program.

Early College sets Lynn public high school students on an IT Pathway, allowing them to earn college credit tuition-free and introducing them to IT industry professionals, degree programs and careers. This program is central to CommUniverCity at Lynn, an urban education-workforce development collaboration with a birth-to-career approach to remove education and training barriers that preclude low-income residents from full participation in the area’s robust economy.

“NSCC deeply appreciates the Verizon Foundation’s continued commitment to advancing higher education opportunities for Lynn students,” said NSCC President Patricia Gentile.

“At Verizon, we believe it’s our responsibility to leverage our resources to engage students and educators to ensure that the next generation is prepared to innovate, create and solve the world’s most challenging problems. Verizon supports a wide variety of education initiatives focused on improving student interest and achievement in STEM education,” said Stephanie Lee, Verizon regional director of government affairs.  “We commend North Shore Community College for its efforts to prepare more students for success in higher education through the Early College program.”

The mission of the North Shore Community College Foundation is to create financial capacity for North Shore Community College to realize its mission of student success.

For more information on NSCC giving opportunities, please contact Nicole Marcotte, Director of Development at, or at 978-739-5527.

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