Sean Reid New NSCC Student Trustee

Sean Reid 2014 smlSean Reid, 19, of Lynn has been selected to serve as the student representative on the North Shore Community College Board of Trustees. Reid is a graduate of Lynn Classical High School and is studying economics at NSCC where he maintains a 4.0 grade point average and is on the Dean’s List.

Reid, a first-generation college student, is president of the Economics and Finance and Debate Clubs and a member of NSCC’s Student Government Association. He participates and this year will be the co-chair of the annual Federal Reserve Bank Challenge, and is currently interning at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. He also works as a part-time economics, psychology, science, & writing tutor at the college. He has also served on the planning committee for the college’s Forum on Tolerance.

“I’m really excited about this position as it will give me an opportunity to give back while going to school,” Reid noted. “I look forward to serving as the liaison between the students and the Board of Trustees. I’m really interested in policy but I think the Board also needs to pay attention to the small, day-to-day issues as well.

“My time at NSCC has been life-changing. I am inspired by the people I meet here and I have a tremendous sense of hope. My professors are awesome and go above and beyond. If you put the effort in at NSCC, it will come back to you twofold. I want to encourage other students and potential students to take advantage of all that NSCC has to offer and have an experience here similar to mine,” Reid noted.

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