NSCC’s VP of Academic Affairs highlights Early College programming leadership

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Dr. Karen Hynick, Vice President of Academic Affairs

North Shore Community College’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Karen Hynick, was a presenter at the recent “The Architecture of Partnership: Connection, Collaboration, Conviviality” at Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

The third annual Early College Conference and Summit featured panels and workshops focused on local and regional partnerships, as well as round table discussions. Dr. Hynick’s presentation highlighted the nationwide Early College movement — for which NSCC  has been a leader — and efforts to provide a path from ninth grade to a bachelor’s degree, free from the pressures and problems of the college admissions process.

“The Early College model is about more than acceleration to college,” Dr. Hynick said. “It addresses inequities across secondary and higher education, with significant implications for who has access to college, when, and at what cost.”

North Shore Community College (NSCC) and the three high schools in the Lynn Public School (LPS) system have partnered to offer Early College in Lynn. Early College allows high school juniors and seniors to take up to 30 college credits at no- or low-cost while still in high school, graduate with both a high school diploma and a year of college, enjoy a huge cost savings and get a great jump on college completion!

Research clearly shows that Early College helps prepare and inspire high school students for a commitment to college or post-secondary education. Over the past two years, more than 300 high school students have taken advantage of the program.

The NSCC LPS Early College model, strives to: help more Lynn high school students persist to high school graduation; make students more likely to go on after high school graduation to college, persist in college and obtain a college degree; lower the total cost of a post-secondary certificate or degree and cut the time to either an associate or bachelor’s degree; and provide a seamless transfer of academic credits earned.

More than 20 organizations were represented at the conference. Dr. Hynick shared the panel with: Ian Bickford, Bard College at Simon’s Rock;  Clara Haskell Botstein, Associate Vice President, Bard Early College Network;  John Giordano, Director, Ramp Education; Anna O’Connor, Senior Manager, Pathways to Prosperity, Jobs For the Future;  Stephen Tremaine, Vice President for Early Colleges, Bard College; Christine Williams, Director of Economic and Workforce Development, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Pat Sharpe, Dean of Academic Affairs, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, facilitated the discussion.

Questions about NSCC’s Early College programs can be directed to: earlycollege@northshore.edu.

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