NSCC Employees Recognized for Years of Service

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Nearly 100 North Shore Community College (NSCC) faculty and staff were honored at the annual NSCC Employee Recognition Breakfast, held recently at the Peabody Marriott Hotel in Peabody.

NSCC recognized the following individuals for their years of service at the college:

Thirty-five years of service:

Michael LeClerc, Peter Monaco, Arthur Neuner, Richard Ponticelli, Donald Williams

Thirty years of service:

Susan Ferrante, Julianne Howland, Maryellen Hunt, Margaret LaBella, Joseph Modugno, Patricia Wermers

Twenty-five years of service:

Kurt Eddy, Susan Maciewicz

Twenty years of service:

Brenda Allen, Minerva Betancourt-Rodriguez, John Clarke, John Edwards, Scott Hughey, Ray Parker, Charlene Random, Joseph Richardson, Martha Rodweller

Fifteen years of service:

Lori Azzara, Brianne Duff, Wayne Knight, Linda LeColst, Tabatha Lord, Elizabeth Lucas, Robert Murphy, George Neunaber, Austria Santana

Ten years of service:

Lisa Altomari, Phanary Auk, Sarah Beauparlant, Debra Bedell, Kathleen Blakeman, Lorraine Boyd, Kathy Champlain, Richard Colon, Susan Curry, Lawrence Davis, Andrea Dodge, Irene Fernandez, Michael Fritz, Sandra Fuhs, Sheila Girard, Moonsu Han, Ann Haviland, Yusef Hayes, Ratana Iv, David Japa, Thomas Justice, Janet Kimball, Teresa Lord, Tiffany Magnolia, Janease McCloud, Samantha McGilloway, Mary Nelson, Tammy Nguyen, Anne O’Shea, Gina Pelletier, Mei-Tuang Peng, Diane Rapalyea, Richard Reney,  Donna Rosato, Maureen Santiano, Jane Saunders, Anne Sears, Mark Sherf, MaryBeth Steigerwald, Walter Stone, Kei Tiggs, Cheryl Vervates, Cathy Washnock

Also honored were two new Professors Emeriti:  James Cristello and Howard Sylvetsky, and 22 recent retirees:

Robert Belanger, Martha Brine, Sheldon Brown, Thomas Burke, William Burns, Ellen Bussone, Diane Chatigny, Frank Day, Patricia DePamphilis, Babo Edwards, Kathleen Gorczyca, Carole Hunter, Corinne Hunter, Lorinda Latva, Patricia Manninen, William Meunier, Ellen O’Donnell, Patricia Radici, Jennifer Rich, Christine Salvanelli, Donna Toulouse, Laura Ventimiglia

Established in 1965, North Shore Community College is one of the oldest and largest of the fifteen community colleges in Massachusetts.  It serves 26 cities and towns along the coastal region of the state from north metropolitan Boston to Cape Ann.  NSCC offers over 90 credit programs, noncredit corporate and community education and training, online offerings and community and civic engagement opportunities.





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