Erica Snyder Wins Award for Outstanding Service

DSC_5819Erica Snyder of Amesbury is the recipient of North Shore Community College’s Dr. Lillian Derderian Award for Outstanding Service to the Student Association.  This award recognizes an individual who has, through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, emerged as an exemplary student leader; one who has contributed to a broad range of student life activities, enhancing the value of co-curricular programming for the entire college community.

NSCC Dean of Students Stephen Creamer noted, “Erica is a student who is determined to make a difference. She continually and unconditionally demonstrates that there are no limits to what one can achieve when equipped with a purpose, a plan and the right attitude.

She is always one of the first to volunteer when student help is needed – whether it’s to join a Flash Mob, serve at the Forum on Tolerance, the Sustainability Fair, or Earth Day – Erica clearly believes in the importance of community service.”

Snyder is an active member of the Food Science Club and a second-year Presidential Scholar.

Creamer noted, “While volunteering at the 33rd Forum on Tolerance, Homelessness is a Social Justice Issue, Erica was inspired to take further action.  She organized “Be the Change,” an ongoing campus initiative that showcases the North Shore’s non-profit sector, specifically those organizations addressing the issues of hunger and homelessness, and builds a bridge between the NSCC student body and the extended community

“Erica’s goal was to bring awareness to prevalent issues and to provide students with accessible means to be a part of solutions. By utilizing her fellow Scholars, reaching out to the SOTA Club for further assistance, and by connecting to Student Activities and Student Life,  she was able to make the “Be the Change” Drive a success which  has helped two unique organizations to date:  Hope for Creativity, a non-profit organization in Swampscott that collects and distributes art supplies for children who are suffering from homelessness, giving them the means to express and create; and Centerboard, Lynn – for which the drive collected household items for families that are just moving into permanent housing.

Snyder was accepted by the Forest Foundation Summer Internship program where she will work with Neighbors in Need of Lawrence, a Food Pantry with a sustainable farming component that focuses on providing nutrition and fresh produce access to those without it.

Erica is pictured with NSCC’s Dean of Students, Stephen Creamer.

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