Eight North Shore HS Seniors Accepted Into NSCC’s Wayne Burton Presidential Scholars Program

2014 group of presidential scholarsEight North Shore high school seniors, who will attend North Shore Community College (NSCC) this fall, were welcomed into the College’s Wayne Burton Presidential Scholars Program at an orientation luncheon on August 20.

Named for NSCC’s recently retired third president, the Wayne Burton Presidential Scholars Program is a unique leadership development program which recognizes high school students who have risen to top academic ranks and who provide leadership to others in their schools and communities.  Students must apply and be accepted.  Acceptance comes with a $500 scholarship for each semester of participation.

The program fosters student success through academic and personal mentoring and opportunities to participate in leadership development initiatives.  Students learn about networking, advocating for themselves, leadership skills and serving others.

Scholars serve as ambassadors for the President’s Office at campus events and have participated in many internal and external business and community meetings.

NSCC’s  Interim Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services, Dr. Joanne Light, welcomed the new Wayne Burton Presidential Scholars, their College mentors, and guest speaker David Sullivan, Executive Director of the Forest Foundation.

Scholars may return for a second year, when they will mentor new scholars. Oneida “Lexy” Bean, of Danvers, is a second-year scholar.  “Being a part of this scholarship was great. . .coming from high school I felt as though I was thrown into the real world and left to figure things out on my own.  Belonging to a group helped me keep stability, but also helped me out of my comfort zone.. .I hope to walk away with a skill set that will help me the rest of my life.”

The 2014 Wayne Burton Presidential Scholars are: Meghan Cafferty, Beverly High School; Camila Espinal, Amesbury High School; Jonathan Gaytan and Megan Hansen, both from Lynn Vocational Technical Institute; Eligah Gousby, Fecteau-Leary Junior/Senior High School; Erica Morin, Danvers High School; Jonathan O’Brien, Ipswich High School; Edwina Shackleton, Salem Academy Charter School.

Returning scholars include: Oneida “Lexy” Bean, Danvers; Fabiano Da Mota and Tiffany Walker, both from Peabody, Natasha Oliveira, Lynn and Erica Snyder, Amesbury

The Wayne Burton Presidential Scholars Program is open to all graduating high school seniors who have been accepted to NSCC.  For more information on NSCC’s Wayne Burton Presidential Scholars Program, contact Matthew Woods at 781-593-6722, x6228, matwoods@northshore.edu or Dr. Joanne Light, 978-762-4000, x5509, jlight@northshore.edu



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