Beverly Flight Center Joins NSCC in Receiving FAA Part 141 Authorization

Randy Cabrera sml.

Aviation Management Program student, Randy Cabrera, at the Beverly Flight Center

North Shore Community College (NSCC) is excited to announce that the Beverly Flight Center, NSCC’s Aviation Science program partner flight school, has joined NSCC in receiving its FAA Part 141 authorization.  There are several benefits of both NSCC and Beverly Flight Center having achieved this certification.  The program is now eligible to apply for FAA Reduced ATP minimums as well as Veterans Administration reimbursements as payment**.

“If approved by the VA, this will significantly open access to the program, especially for veterans,” said Dr. Karen Hynick, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Part 141 training programs differ from programs without 141 certification, commonly referred to as FAA Part 61 flight training, in structure and accountability.   Part 141 schools are periodically audited by the FAA and must have detailed, FAA-approved course outlines and meet student pilot performance rates.

The advantages of training with a Part 141 school include:

  • Comprehensive Training: You will take ground school courses concurrently with your practical flight training skills. This ensures you have direct instruction in all areas covered by the FAA Knowledge and Practical exams.
  • On-Site Examinations: Many Part 141 schools are able to offer facilities for taking your FAA licensing tests. This includes computer labs dedicated to taking the written tests, plus airport facilities and access to examiners.
  • Fully Vetted Faculty: Training at a Part 141 school means you will study with instructors whose credentials have been approved by the FAA, and who are more likely to undertake ongoing professional development.
  • Accelerated Completion: The full-time, highly-structured nature of Part 141 flight training programs means you know from the beginning how long it will take you to complete your courses. Additionally, the FAA lowers the amount of time needed for practice flying. Private licensing can be attempted after a minimum of 35 hours’ flying, or 190 hours for a commercial license.

As a result, Part 141 training programs are the best fit for students who want to train full-time to begin an aviation career. 1

“Why take four years to accomplish what you can do in two? If your goal is to become a Professional Pilot we offer a fast track program to get you an Aviation Degree and get you flying as a Commercial Pilot in as little as 20 months,” said Alexa Singer, NSCC’s Aviation Science Coordinator.

For more information on the Aviation Science Program, contact Alexa Singer at



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