114 NSCC Students Graduate from National Society of Leadership and Success

North Shore Community College recently inducted 114 students into its chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success, a rigorous student development program which helps participants discover and achieve their goals.
The Society offers compelling lectures from leading national presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. In addition to their regular studies, those with a GPA of 3.0 or above choose to complete a minimum of an orientation, a 3.5 hour leadership training session, 3 1.5 hour speaker broadcasts, and a series of Success Networking Team (SNT) meetings. Many also went above and beyond to qualify for a National Excellence in Leadership Award which requires a minimum of 3 additional speakers, SNT’s and five hours of community service.

In its second year, the program has proved immensely popular with students – 421 students have participated. Students gain clarity about their future, confidence in their abilities, learn to hold themselves accountable and a belief that they have unlimited potential. For the college, the program has proven to be a huge retention tool and a great way to help students access internal resources and services that can assist them.

Jeffrey Katz,of Swampscott, a human services student who was recently honored at the State House as one of two NSCC All-Academic Recognition Ceremony Phi Theta Kappa honorees, won the honor of being the student speaker. “The challenge faced by each of us as inducted members of the NSLS and as recipients of the National Engaged Leader Award is what to do with the tremendous knowledge we now possess? Do we simply know about leadership or are we leaders? My new personal mantra now is embodied in the term S4. See, seek, seize and succeed. See the opportunities which are readily available, seek out opportunities which are not quite as clear but still open to you, seize them and success is sure to follow,” Katz said.

NSCC’s Vice President of Student Enrollment Management Donna Richemond and Dean of Students Dr. Lloyd Holmes, were instrumental in bringing the program to the college. “We firmly believe that it is the college’s responsibility to educate the whole student. While there were leadership development activities going on with our Presidential Scholars program and Student Government, we wanted a program that would engage students on many levels and be accessible to all,” VP Richemond noted.

“We researched many models and this program seemed perfect for what we wanted and given student response, what they wanted as well. They like being part of a national program and it gives them the opportunity to engage with other students which adds a social component to the learning,” Richemond added. “Recognizing their accomplishments with a ceremony was critical and capped their many accomplishments.”

Inductees included the following students:

Kathleen Conant, Peggy Gravlin

Jared Pizza

Ilham Khoutabi

Sergey Onokhin

Jennifer DiLeo

Nassima Adli, Morgan Cooper, Joshua Harrison, Justine LeBlanc, Adailin Lebron-Bengochea, Ryan Mallin

Katherine LaChappelle

Rosa Elena Villanueva

Kelsey Melkonian

Mikaela Denis, Lisa Oates, Jessie Paiva, David Schane

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