Thank YOU- We heard you loud and clear!

Many thanks to all who participated in our recent alumni survey.  As always, we value your input and welcome your feedback!

This is what respondents told us:

                93% said their NSCC education benefitted their career

                51% would consider mentoring an NSCC student

                41% would consider speaking at an alumni event

We also received an overwhelming amount of positive comments regarding NSCC programs- from “exceptional faculty and staff” to “tremendous value” and “more bang for your buck”.  We are so fortunate that you, our alumni, have such wonderful things to say about your North Shore Community College experience and education.

Our next steps are to follow up in the coming weeks with those who expressed an interest in mentoring students or speaking at an event.  Beginning this fall, there will be more opportunities than ever to connect with students, new grads and prospective students through career roundtable events, alumni speakers, and open house and early acceptance recruiting events and more.  And, if there is something you would like to do to reconnect with NSCC— let us know.  We look forward to any and all good ideas.

If you didn’t get a chance to respond to the survey but you’d like to express your interest in volunteering or share your opinion, we are always interested in hearing from our grads!  Contact Alumni Coordinator Sandra Rochon at or 978-762-4000 ext 5481.

Please remember to let us know of email and address changes so we can keep in touch.  For any contact info updates:  alumni-contact-updates


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